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Maybe you’re interested in cloth diapers because you want to save a ton of money, reduce your eco footprint, or maybe you’re not wild about the long list of ingredients in disposable diapers. Whatever your reason, one thing is certain, it’s likely you could use a little help figuring out which cloth diapers to choose and how to use them. Cloth diapering can be hard, so we make it easier by going over all the different types and styles, and helping you decide which ones would be best for your family's needs. There's so much lingo and misconception, and we'll help guide you through all that. You'll also get to see and feel all the different types and styles of cloth diapers. So if you need to get savvy on cloth-diapering basics, schedule a consult with us!


Cloth diapers save money! Guess what? Disposable diapers are expensive. How much money you will actually save depends on what you are comparing. If you use the estimate that a disposable diaper costs 36 cents and your baby is in diapers for 2-3 years you’ll easily spend over $1000 in just one year of diapering. Depending on which cloth diapering system you purchase, how many diapers you get and how many children you use those diapers on – you could spend as little as $100-300 to cloth diaper one child from birth through potty training. There is no exact calculation here though because of the varying cost of disposables and cloth diapers. One family may only spend $50 on cloth diapers by purchasing them secondhand; while another family may spend $500 on cloth diapers and only have to do laundry once a week. However you look at it though – cloth diapering will save you money.


Cloth diapers are eco-friendly! Disposable diapers are destined for the landfill where they will sit for over 500 years. Now consider the fact that the average baby will need about 6,000 diaper changes until they are potty trained – that’s a lot of diapers sitting in a landfill – for ONE baby! Yes, it can be argued that cloth diapers cause their own impact to the environment due to the amount of water needed to launder them but I still argue that the impact is far less than disposables. Remember that a disposable is made from petroleum, probably produced overseas, travel a long way to get to you, and require even more gas and waste to get to their final resting place in the landfill. With cloth diapers you can at least feel good knowing that when your child is potty trained those diapers can be reused by another child.


Cloth diapers are gentle and non-toxic! Do you want to know what ingredients are used to make a disposable diaper? Depending on the brand of disposable diaper purchased they may contain dioxin, sodium polyacrylate, dyes, fragrances, plastics, tolulene, xylene, ethlbenzene, and other cancer causing toxins. Your child is in a diaper full time for 2-3 years and that’s a lot of chemical exposure for their little bodies. Exposure to these chemicals can also cause diaper rash. By choosing cloth diapers you are limiting your child’s exposure to these toxic chemicals. Some of the most gentle diapering options include organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo fabrics. Bonus – cloth diapers are super soft and gentle on your little one, not scratchy and stiff like disposables.



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