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Trust Palmer

Certified Bowen Therapist

When I was 18, I was in a car accident that had torn connective tissue in my shoulder. I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, and even electro-shock therapy, but nothing worked. I was told I would have to just live with the pain since there was nothing my doctor could do for me. A friend recommended Bowen to me, and after the first treatment, I felt so much relief I knew this was something special. I had a few more treatments, and my shoulder pain was gone. So I decided to learn Bowen so I could help others with their pain and injury.

I used Bowen on my father's chronic back pain and my mother's fibromyalgia. During my wife's pregnancies, Bowen was almost mandatory to keep her comfortable. My Bowen teacher has always worked on children and pregnant women for free, so as a matter of course I do the same. I love being able to help people with pain relief in a natural way. Because my wife and I were doing so much to change our lives to live in a healthier and more natural way we decided to expand our business to help others too.


I have completed the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Bowen Certification Courses to the highest level available. And regularly assist in the teaching of all three Certification Courses. I have been working professionally since 2012.


Rebecca Palmer

Bradley Method Teacher and Doula

I have always taken a natural approach to things. As I have studied and learned more, I have made changes to my life and the way I do things. I had a terrible birth experience with my first child. Breastfeeding was also harder than I thought it would be. I had a very difficult time. After that experience I decided to have a natural birth the next time.I was told by my Doctor that I needed to be induced and did not know my options so I had a second labor full of interventions but no pain medication.When I got pregnant again I took Bradley classes and they were great. We learned our birth options and rights. We had a wonderful birth all natural no interventions in the hospital with a Doula. I became a Bradley teacher and started Doula Training after that. For our fourth baby we decided that  this time we would do it at home with a Midwife and Doula. After that amazing experience we decided I became a Certified Doula and continued to expand my education shortly after. It fit nicely with my husband's Bowen Therapy, so we decided to work together helping others with all the things we struggled with and needed help with as parents.

We started out with cloth diapering and found it to be confusing and full of lingo and jargon that was hard to understand. So we made it a subject of study, and now offer cloth diapering 101. We are baby wearers. That was hard at first because I was breastfeeding, and not all carriers are equal. We joined classes and now offer them to others.I suffered from Diastasis recti (abdominal separation) after my second birth  and was told there was nothing to do about it. My Midwife recommended Bengkung Belly Binding and it helped so much I decided to learn so I could help others. Everything we offer is something we needed in our lives and had to piece together from multiple people and professionals. We want to make our community better and hopefully that will ripple outward and change other's lives too. We struggled to be able to afford our Bradley classes and Doula so we decided to make all our services as cost effective as we could for our clients. 


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